Åren 164, 160, 156 och 152 före Kristi födelse anses greken Leonidas  of Rhodes

 ha vunnit totalt tolv individuella OS-guld under de antika spelen.


 Det rekordet stod sig i 2 168 år innan Phelps nådde kaklet för sitt 13:e individuella guld i Rio.

When the American swimmer won the Olympic 200 metres individual medley

on Thursday,  he overtook the record of 

12 successes set by Leonidas of Rhodes in the original Greek Games in 152 BC.  

Michael Phelps  then beats 2,168-year-old Olympic record held by Leonidas of Rhodes


 – At his first ever Olympics (Sydney 2000) a 15-year-old Phelps came fifth in the 200m butterfly final

 – At his second Olympics (Athens 2004) he scored six gold and two bronze medals

 – In 2014 he was caught driving at 84mph in a 45mph zone. He was given a one-year suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty to drink-driving

 – Phelps has size 14 feet and is reported to have double-jointed ankles that work like fins to propel him to gold

 – Phelps’ wingspan is a full three inches longer than his height (the average person’s is about the same as their height, give or take an inch or two)

 – He retired after the 2012 London Olympics, insisting he was done with swimming, but made a triumphant return to the pool just 20 months later

 – His nickname is ‘The Flying Fish’


 Här i huset

är det denne simmare som gäller som världens bäste…

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